What we offer

We help our landlords create a marketing plan for our properties, attract a suitable tenant mix and negotiate acceptable lease terms. We solicit prospects by researching the tenants in our trade area and contacting potential tenants by phone, email and direct mail to create activity.


We assist the landlord and serve as the go-between for the landlord and tenant to effectively manage our retail property assets. We create and execute capital improvement plans, create budgets and help procure vendor services for each property, and provide property maintenance and financial reporting.


Utilizing our strong market knowledge, our brokerage is resposible for developing financial models and strategy development and implementation for each property. We do market research and tracking, research tenant prospects, conduct credit analysis and document review for the landlord, thus contributing to our properties’ value in the market.


Many aspects are involved with developing a project. It requires strategic project planning, identification of objectives, site analysis and acquisition, and determination of the optimal financial structure for each property. Development also encompasses permitting, planning and design, and construction.